GP internet offer 30 days 2024। Gp internet offer all code 2024

GP internet offer 30 days 2024। Gp internet offer all code 2024-GP internet offer 30 days 2024। Gp internet offer 30 days code – Assalamu Alaikum, Today our post is GP Internet Offer 2024. GP companies offer many internet services to save money to customers. If you want to get internet offers at low price then you have entered the right place.

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GP Internet  offers are for  prepaid and postpaid customers. These offers can be used prepaid and postpaid. And there are some offer,s that  are different for  prepaid  and  postpaid customers. Today’s post  is about GP Internet  offer for 30 days. However  some internet packs   are 3 days  and 7 days and 30 days these internet packs are published separately below.


Gp internet offer 3 Days

GP internets  are differentiated  and provide  day-long  and month-long  GP internets. Therefore, the Internet  was discussed in  front of you for  three days.GP internet offer 30 days 2024। Gp internet offer 30 days code .

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The GP Internet  offers are discussed  for a period  of three days, and are given  in tabular  form below:

InternetTakaCode or LinkValidity
Every day 3 GB99 TakaClick here3 Days
15 GB118 TakaClick here3 Days
2.5 GB69 TakaClick here3 Days
1 GB46 TakaClick here3 Days
6 GB89 TakaClick here3 Days
4 GB84  TakaClick here3 Days


Gp internet offer 7 Days

Today’s post is an internet offer. Who wants to buy internet package for seven days. They just note this table. Internet offers for seven days are given below:

InternetTakaCode or LinkValidity
2 GB98 TakaClick here7 Days
4 GB129 TakaClick here7 Days
7 GB148 TakaClick here7 Days
21 GB199 TakaClick here7 Days
12 GB249 TakaClick here15 Days
25 GB349 TakaClick here15 Days
10 GB159 TakaClick here7 Days


GP Monthly Interent offer

GP internet offer 30 days .You will be very  happy to hear today’s offer. Because toda y we have listed  for you monthly internet that you call 30 days  internet offer. Here you will  find all internet offers for 30 days. You  can buy internet packages by checking the offers from this table .

GP internet offer 30 days

GP internet offer 30 days


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