Easy way to get rid of stomach gas

Easy way to get rid of stomach gas

One of the most familiar problems to all of us is gastric or gas problems. A lot of people have to face this problem if they have little irregularity in food in their daily life. And from this, it can become bigger and cause ulcers.Oxygen and nitrogen enter our body while eating or drinking liquid. Again, when food is digested in our digestive system, gases like hydrogen, methane or carbon dioxide are released and accumulated in the stomach. And because of these, gastric is created.

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Also, some high-fiber and fibrous foods and vegetables cannot be digested by our stomach. Due to this, gastric problems occur in the stomach. But you can solve this problem yourself at home and in a completely natural way.

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Here are some natural remedies for gastric problems:


We all know that exercise is good for the body. But many may not know that it is also very effective in solving your gastric problem. Practice walking after eating to avoid gastric problems. Apart from this, jumping rope, running or walking is also very effective in reducing gastric pain.

Drinking water

A more common solution to gas problems is to drink plenty of water. And by doing this it will help in reducing gastric problems as well as getting rid of many other diseases. For this, you should drink at least six to eight glasses of water regularly every day.

Apple cider vinegar

Many people consume apple cider vinegar to get rid of gas problem. And it is very effective. For this, before eating, mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water or tea and drink it, then you will get benefits. Drinking it regularly three times a day gives very good results.


Cinnamon is very effective in reducing gas problems. Apart from this, it also works very well in reducing stomach pain. You can boil cinnamon in water and eat that water while the yolk is hot. Or you can mix cinnamon powder in tea or milk and drink it. This will benefit you.


Drinking lemon water or lemon tea is very good for solving gastric problems. You can mix it with a small amount of salt and cumin powder.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves are very effective in solving gas problems. Apart from this, it can also relieve your nausea. Taking some amount of mint leaves and chewing them well will reduce the problem of gas.


Ginger is one of the best natural ingredients for solving stomach gas problems. You can eat ginger in boiled water or tea with ginger. You can mix lemon juice or honey with it to get better results. It will help in relieving your gas problem as well as indigestion.


Cumin is very effective in stomach gas, vomiting, diarrhea, blood disorders etc. In case of fever, mix 50 grams of cumin in sugarcane jaggery and make five pills of 10 grams each. Taking one pill three times a day will cure fever with sweating.


Sucking 2/3 cloves by mouth relieves heartburn, nausea, gas on one side. It removes bad breath.

Cold milk

Cold milk relieves acidity by controlling gastric acid in the stomach. Drinking a glass of cold milk keeps acidity away.


Eat at least two bananas a day. Pair of bananas to keep the stomach clean.

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